Review: On That Easter Morning

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Title: On That Easter Morning

Author: Elena Pasquali

Illustrator: Alison Jay

Price: £9.99

Published by: Lion Children’s

Available here

Good for: children age 3-8 years old

Best bit: stunning artwork and gentle, Biblically accurate storytelling, and the wonderful two-page spread picture of the last supper aka Passover

Worst bit: doesn’t mention Pentecost, which I hoped it might

More thoughts:

My first thought on picking up this book was: What a lovely, strong, hardback book! It’s unusual to see a new Christian book this size and hardback, with full-colour pictures – it’s a real treat 🙂

On reading the text, Elena beautifully captures Jesus’ ministry on page 1, giving different groups’ views of Him:

“He’s a wonderful storyteller,” said the children.

“He welcomes everybody,” said the outcasts.

“We believe he can work miracles,” added those who were sick.

“He is someone who has changed our world,” said Jesus’ followers. “HE speaks of God’s love for us all, and of God’s forgiveness.” 

The pictures are stunning, wonderfully detailed with lush colours. It would be an easy book to do a “Can you spot…” on each page, especially with all the wildlife 🙂

The story includes Jesus’ entry to Jerusalem, clearing the temple courts, the Passover meal, praying and arrest in the garden, Peter’s denial, Pilate, Jesus carrying his cross, the sign put above him, and his prayer: Father forgive them, and the three hours of darkness.

The text is Biblically accurate without being heavy, and there’s just enough text on each page to keep the story moving but to leave space for us to explore the beautiful pictures, which offer at least as much story as the text.

I like that the angel has no wings – the Bible doesn’t say that they do!

And I love that there are multiple resurrection stories: the women at the tomb, Mary in the garden and Peter by the lake.

Personally, I think this is the nicest Easter storybook I’ve seen in years. Top marks.