Review: Prayers around the world

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Title: Prayers around the world

By: Deborah Lock and Helen Cann

Price: £7.99

Published by: Lion Children’s

Perfect for: children age 3-10, and adults who love beautiful words and pictures

Best bit: lovely small, hardcover book with stunning artwork of scenes from different countries paired with simple, expressive, daily-life prayers

Worst bit: At first, I wasn’t sure how to use this book, as it’s not a book of prayers from around the world, and the titles of the prayers/pictures aren’t featured on the pages. However, on reading it, I realised I could read it from front to back in one go, as a smooth prayer, or dip into it, guided by my eyes and the pictures, and read one page on it’s own.

More thoughts:

A beautiful hard back book, this would make a lovely gift for an adult or a child!

This book is a celebration of nature and creation around the world, using brilliant pictures, often with children in them.

I would use this as a prayer book to read right through, as well as a dip in and out book. Young children enjoy leafing through books and choosing the page for adults to read, and I can imagine this being a great book for that too.

However, it would also not be out of place on my stack of poetry and prayer books on my reading table beside my favourite armchair.

Some children’s books are meant for children of all ages, and this is one of them!

Because of this, it would be a great book to build connections between people of different ages as they pray together, perhaps granny reading it with their grandchild, or different members of a groups or congregation choosing their favourite page to read aloud.