Review: Roots at home

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Title: Roots at home

Price: free until July 2021, then £3/m

Published by: ROOTS | Worship and learning for the whole Church (

Perfect for: families looking a weekly Bible focus with activities in step with the Lectionary

Best bit: Good variety of activities, with QR codes to link to online videos

Worst bit: the design is a bit clunky and having dates on it might put off families not wanting to feel ‘behind’ (although you could use them whenever you want!)

More thoughts:

This is a digital resource, sent on a weekly email. It comes as a 2 page pdf with the full Bible verses included plus a version of the same story from a children’s Bible, which is really helpful!

The activities offer a good variety of things to do, while not being too many to do all of them if you want to!

I liked how the activities also work across age groups, rather than having something different for different ages.

You can get samples which is also helpful.

Perfect for families wanting a weekly Bible focus with activities to do, and extra helpful if your church follows the lectionary.

It could also be used to create a more interactive service or small group, as the activities would work for adults or children.