Review: We Shine CD Album

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It’s not often I listen to a children’s worship album and enjoy it, actually enjoy listening to it, such that I put it on when my children are not around!

I LOVE this album!

Details below…

Title: We Shine

Author: Vineyard Worship UK & Ireland

Price: £11.99 direct or £7.99 on Amazon, but available on a wide range of music apps

Published by and available from: Vineyard Music

Good for: music lovers, children and adults wanting to worship together, anyone looking for new songs to listen to at home, in a childrens’ group or adult service, especially services aiming to work for families with children and adults worshipping together

Best bit: Great music to dance to, sing to and be quiet to for adults and children. No nasty ear worms!

Worst bit: The whole album is only 41 minutes long, which means the songs are nice a radio-style-short, but means the whole things’ over too quickly  🙁

More thoughts:

This album has an very contemporary feel, both musically and lyrically. The quality of the music production is very high, as you’d expect from any Vineyard album, but unlike Great Big God (which I love too, but for other reasons), this album is a great album for children and adults alike.

I am SO excited about this, as I’m always a bit disappointed when worship in an adult service and children’s group looks completely different. When doing faith at home, it only really makes sense to have music we ALL enjoy, just like we choose a film we all like for family movie night.

The music on this album has energetic dance and sing-a-long songs such as You are good good good good (great for Worshumba – worship while working out!) along with beautiful, reflective songs like I am God (my personal favourite this week) which I can imagine being really useful in meditation or soaking sessions.

You can listen to all the songs here and get chord charts AND lyric videos hosted on YouTube, and since you can try before you buy, there really isn’t any reason not to have a listen 😉

While listening to the album, I thought it would be fab to have some family activities to do, and that’s exactly what you’ll find here!