Sand Art Response


I love having opportunities for an open-ended, self-chosen response to a Bible passage or story.

It’s a great way to give each other space to develop our own relationship with God in line with the type of person he’s made us.

How to do it

  • Read a Bible Story

You could do this at the park or beach, by gathering everyone together for a few focused minutes. You could also do this activity with a story you have been learning recently and just give everyone a reminder when you are at the beach or park.

  • Reflect

Encourage everyone to go find a spot in the sand and be creative about their response. This is meant to be something just between them and God. If anyone needs help, encourage them to write a word or build a structure. Encourage the use of materials around them, stones, water, your body, for example.

It really can be anything at all, and it’s not necessary to explain to each other what you’ve made, although some people might want to, which is fine. It’s about ‘holding space’ for each other to connect with God and go at our own pace.

And of course, this is something which people of any age can do! It’s a great way to experience something together while all doing something which is meaningful to you.

I’d love to hear how you get on!