Seed stories

seed shoot 2

I love planting seeds! I love eating the harvest, but I think even more, I love watching the roots and shoots burst out of the seed pod and start to grow. Even if you’re not in the least bit green fingered, an easy seed to grow are broad beans. The seeds are nice and big and they’ll even grow in a glass jar with a bit of wet cotton wool or oasis (as pictured here).

As you look after your seeds, either indoors or in the garden, why not explore some seed-related Bible stories?

Here’s some to get you going:

Pharoahs dream

Hezekiah and Jerusalem

Jesus’ story of the farmer

Paul’s teaching on heavenly bodies

And a few single verses to reflect on:

from Psalms

from Proverbs

from Ecclesiastes

from Matthew

from 1 Corinthians

from James