Get More: This page is full of extra resources for using alongside the Tabitha edition of the Faith at home mini-mag.


#1 Video of the story of Tabitha

Click here for a video of the story of Tabitha.

Click here for a fun Hollywood-style video of the story of Tabitha made by a group of children

Click here for a Bible heroes of faith version of the story of Tabitha

#2 Audio reading of the Tabitha story from Acts 9:36–43

Click here for a reading from the NIV UK version read by David Suchet

#3 Tabitha Mini Mag Song List

Give a little Kindness:

Every Move I Make:

Way Maker:

Love Your Neighbour:

God of Miracles:

#4 Play dough recipe download

Here’s a link on how to make super easy play dough on the Imagination Tree website

#5 Devotional download

10 Bible stories about cloaks with open-ended questions and challenges to help you explore them together.  You can use it on your own, with your family, with a small group of adults or children or both.

Download and use this devotional: Explore Cloaks in the Bible.

#6 Further thoughts about Tabitha

Click to read this article that digs into Tabitha’s story in Acts and asks some deeper questions.

#7 Finger knit a scarf

Make this super-easy hand-knitted scarf to give to someone. You will need only two things: some chunky wool and your hands! Instructions found here.

#8 Food bank info

Be like Tabitha! Help some people who need help by giving some food to your local food bank. Find your local one here:  Find A Food Bank.

#9 Google map of Jaffa to Jerusalem via Lod

Click the map thumbnail for a Google map showing a walk from Jerusalem, where Peter started, to Jaffa via Lod.

#10 Read more about the places in the story of Tabitha:

#11 The story of Tabitha from the New English Translation with lots of notes

Click here for the story of Tabitha from the New English Translation, which includes a large section of notes that will be interesting to those wanting to see how choices in translation were made, including some details about the garment Tabitha made, which are not worn or well known by people today.