Multi-media Bible exploration

What do you think of when you hear the word multimedia? Do you think a video projector? Lights and smoke? Complex editing suites or mixing desks? In art, multimedia means the artist using more than one fom of art in their work, for example using clay in a painting, or music with a sculpture. Wiki … Read more

Listening to the Bible

Do you listen to the Bible? I’ve noticed that listening to the Bible is seen as a second-rate option to reading it. And much as I love reading the Bible and exploring it in detail, I would like to explore the merits and benefits of listening to it, and especially how this can add to … Read more

Faith as trusting

Our family recently went on a two-month Camping Adventure. My husband had a contract which meant either a four-hour commute or staying away, so instead, we all went and camped nearby. A few weeks in, we visited my parents with clothes to wash, devices to charge, and jobs to do using their wifi. It never … Read more

Faith as believing

Faith as believing In the book, Children Finding Faith, Francis Bridger says that faith can be seen in four Christ-centred dimensions: believing, trusting, doing and imagination. Having previously explored doing, I’d like to consider what we mean by believing and what we can do in our faith at home to grow our belief. What we … Read more

Faith as imagining

What is faith? When asked this, I usually get a variety of answers, including belief, trust and action. I recently asked this on Facebook Live, and the answers included hope, trust, or belief in someone or something we can’t see or feel. These answers are a lot like Hebrews 11:1: “Faith is confidence in what … Read more

Faith as doing

Faith without works is dead. But what does it look like to develop an active faith at home? In the book Children Finding Faith, Francis Bridger suggests that faith is made up of believing, trusting, imagining and action. Each of these develops at different times and in different ways, and is obviously influenced by type … Read more

Lectio Divina for families

I came across Lectio Divina quite a few years ago but it was only recently that I thought of using it as a way of exploring the Bible together as a family. Lectio Divina seems to be most closely linked with monks and reflective living, but it’s a practise of praying with the Scriptures, which … Read more

The uniqueness of family

I was recently struck by the weird, wonderful uniqueness of families. We all know that we are unique. I like to think that God made us each in His image yet all different so that in each individual I meet, I meet a different part of His image. When I think about His attributes, patience, … Read more

Faith at home in the summer holidays

What word would you choose to describe summer holidays? Wonderful? Relaxing? Memory-making? Long? Stressful? Childcare? Expensive? Exhausting? Whatever the age of our children and our unique blend of work and childcare, summer holidays change our daily lives. Our routines are different, our goals are different, and we face challenges which don’t exist during term time. … Read more

Faith at Home – Passing on a Life of Prayer

I’ve often heard that prayer is something lots of people do, whether they go to church or not. Recent research by Scripture Union showed this is particularly true for children. However, many Christians feel inadequate in their own prayer life which makes passing this on to others quite daunting. I think prayer is both the … Read more