Open-ended response activity for the Easter story

I wonder what part of the Easter story you like best? Which part have you particularly noticed this year? I wonder what you might make out of these shapes? I love open-ended activities. We have creative materials out all the time for my daughters to create something whenever the mood takes them. And they do! Often … Read more

The Easter Story Photobook

I’m really keen on reading the whole story of Easter from the Bible every Easter. However, as I’ve mentioned before, I think it’s hard to find a Bible which is accessible for children who are early readers, around age 5-7 years. They are moving on from children’s Bibles, wanting more depth and more stories, but … Read more

Review: The Garden The Curtain and The Cross

Title: The Garden The Curtain and the Cross – the true story of why Jesus died and rose again  Author: Carl Laferton (illustrated by Catalina Echeverri) Useful for: parents of children 4-8ish wanting to share the reason Jesus died and came alive again Best bit: stunning, colour-filled artwork, not too many words on each page, strong, simple, theological explanation of why Jesus … Read more

Follow The Lead of The Seed

Spring is a fab time for planting seeds. I love watching them grow, so this year we’ve put a few into glass jars so we can see each stage as it happens! (We also have some in the garden which will hopefully get to the harvest stage too!) It’s been great to chat about what seeds need … Read more

Bible with picture signs

Make picture/word signs of keywords and challenge everyone to hold them up as they hear each word in the passage. This activity works well with non-narrative passages, such as John 6 which is where Jesus says: I am the bread of life. It’s a good way to help people pay attention to the words, and … Read more