Faith at home using household items

It’s sometimes easy to feel that to do faith at home we need lots of resources and materials. I’m very into having specific items to do faith at-home activities. I love my Godly Play sets for sharing Bible stories and playing with them as we explore where we are in the stories. However, I believe … Read more

Developing faith at home through open-ended activities

I love open-end activities. They provide choice and freedom which lead to deep exploration and creativity. They are easy to set up, are suitable for any age or size of group, and you can use the same materials each time. They provide a safe space to explore spiritual things including Bible stories and how they … Read more

Faith as trusting

Our family recently went on a two-month Camping Adventure. My husband had a contract which meant either a four-hour commute or staying away, so instead, we all went and camped nearby. A few weeks in, we visited my parents with clothes to wash, devices to charge, and jobs to do using their wifi. It never … Read more

Faith as imagining

What is faith? When asked this, I usually get a variety of answers, including belief, trust and action. I recently asked this on Facebook Live, and the answers included hope, trust, or belief in someone or something we can’t see or feel. These answers are a lot like Hebrews 11:1: “Faith is confidence in what … Read more