The best books I’ve ever made

Ten years ago I help make the best books I’ve ever made: the Held in Hope series. At the time I was working for Christian Education, and Paul Nash contacted us to ask if we could work with them to produce a book for sick children. I went to visit him at Birmingham Childrens’ Hospital, … Read more

Inside Out – A film for transition

Last Friday we had a Movie Morning. We stayed in our pjs, set up chairs and cosy blankets in the lounge and ate waffles while we watched Inside Out. It was 10 days until we moved house, and I wanted to watch this film with my children so that we could chat about some of … Read more

Grieving with children

Last week a tragedy happened in a town near us when two young boys were killed in a hit-and-run. One mother whose daughter knew the boys contacted me asking if I knew of any resources to help them, and as we’ve also had a family bereavement this week, I thought a post about things which … Read more

God’s house pictures

This activity comes from Sam’s Special Book, about how Sam is very poorly and no one can make him better, so he explores ideas of what heaven might be like through the Bible verse about God preparing a place for us. It’s part of the Held in Hope series produced with the Paediatric Chaplaincy Network. … Read more