Faith at home through play

Have you ever wondered what Jesus meant when He said we needed to become like little children to enter the kingdom of heaven? I think at least one of the things he may have meant is that we need to play. Daddy Pig (Father of Peppa) is an expert at everything. He is a skiing … Read more

Bible Questions Dice

Read a Bible passage, then take turns to roll the dice and chat about the question. The questions you choose are up to you. The templates are available here for FREE. There are four options, three with questions, and one blank template for your questions. Choose six questions and write them on the sides of … Read more

No-grow Easter gardens

Making an Easter garden is a great way to share the Easter story together. We made ours after my daughter decided to collect a selection of things from the garden when we were outside on a sunny Spring day. I added a biscuit tin lid, lemon and cumin glitter playdough, some play people and we were … Read more

Question: How can I do Bible times for under 2s?

I was asked this question today relating to under 2s in a toddler group, but my answer could apply to any group or home situation. I love under 2s, but they are often ignored as they can’t draw or write or talk or walk or … well, the list goes on. However, God doesn’t seem … Read more

DIY Christmas Story Photobook

Free Download! I love making books (being a publisher, that helps!) so here’s a way to make your own Christmas story photobook. We often make photobooks with FreePrints which print 20-page photobooks for reasonable prices. All you need to do is download their phone app, upload the photos and wait for your luscious new book! … Read more

Nativity Dress Up

Have fun by dressing up as the characters from the Nativity story. Visit some charity shops to look for bits and pieces that could be used in different ways. Scarves and dressing gowns for example. You could make tunics out of pillowcases and headdresses with tea towels and a ring of elastic. You could download … Read more

Bible Story Dice

I came across story dice a few years ago, and have wanted to make a Bible story set for ages, and I’ve finally worked out how to do it, so here they are! As there as 6 sides on each die, I think that 3 dice is probably enough. I’ve kept the pictures simple and … Read more

Review: Diddy Disciples

“People who learn to ‘sit still and be quiet’ in church during the early years of their life are more likely to continue to ‘sit still and be quiet in church as adults.” Sharon had me with this quote… let me give a few headlines and then you can read what else I discovered: Title: … Read more

Twister Prayers

Have fun moving about and playing this game as you pray. If you’re not familiar with the traditional game of Twister, it’s quite simple: you spin the spinner until it lands on a colour and one body part (left or right hand or foot). You then place that part of your body on a spot … Read more

Faith at home in the summer holidays

What word would you choose to describe summer holidays? Wonderful? Relaxing? Memory-making? Long? Stressful? Childcare? Expensive? Exhausting? Whatever the age of our children and our unique blend of work and childcare, summer holidays change our daily lives. Our routines are different, our goals are different, and we face challenges which don’t exist during term time. … Read more

How can I give my children spiritual play opportunities at home?

A little post in response to Kate Mitchell’s question on Facebook Offering spiritual play opportunities is something a little different from our usual tell a Bible story and do Thanks / Sorry / Please prayers. It involves more trust – trust in the methodology, in our children and, of course, in God! An easy way … Read more

Buttons and lollysticks – exploring the crowd

One of the things I like doing when reading the Bible is considering the crowd. Who are the non-speaking people in this story? Which people from other Bible stories might have also been in this one as part of ‘the crowd’. This is especially interesting when looking at stories about Jesus as the Bible often … Read more