Easter activities

Easter is a fab time to do faith at home, but sometimes it’s tricky to work out what to do, and what will work best for our family. Here’s a list of things I love to do, not all of them every year, but as we have space and time.

No-grow Easter gardens

Making an Easter garden is a great way to share the Easter story together. We made ours after my daughter decided to collect a selection of things from the garden when we were outside on a sunny Spring day. I added a biscuit tin lid, lemon and cumin glitter playdough, some play people and we were … Read more

Play Dough Mat Prayer

This is a guest post by Mina Munns of the super Flame: Creative Children’s Ministry blog. If you’ve not seen it, take a look! It’s full of fabulous ideas for prayer and stories and faith suitable for families, children, including under 5s and adults. If you’ve never heard of Play dough mats then you have … Read more

5 Ways to Pray with Playdough

Here are five, simple ideas to pray using playdough. This works well with under 5s, but plenty of children, teens and adults would also appreciate this very kinesthetic prayer. These ideas are those used at the mini-make session at the Hand in Hand conference in January. The dough I like to use is the 4-minute dough … Read more

5 Ways to Share Bible Stories with Playdough

Here are five ways to explore bible stories using playdough. The dough I like to use is the 4-minute dough from The Imagination Tree. I make lemon, chocolate, peppermint, lavender, glitter spice (with cumin), glitter herb (with mint and coriander), golden caramel (with gold glitter and caramel flavouring) and lavender bake (with lavender essence and poppy seeds). … Read more