Sweets Prayer

This is a really popular prayer activity: 1 Grab a pack of multi-coloured sweets — Skittles work well! 2 Assign each colour sweet a category, for example: Red: family Purple: friends Green: environment/ animals Yellow: the world Orange: school/work 3 Take it in turns to pick one sweet.  You could do this with your eyes … Read more

Twister Prayers

Have fun moving about and playing this game as you pray. If you’re not familiar with the traditional game of Twister, it’s quite simple: you spin the spinner until it lands on a colour and one body part (left or right hand or foot). You then place that part of your body on a spot … Read more

Dice Prayer

Take it in turns to throw the dice and say specific thanks prayers. For example, If you roll a 1 – pray for your church. Below is a suggested list. your church your family your village/town/city your nursery/school/work your country your world You could also make up your own code, perhaps using situations you know … Read more