Review of Comfort in Uncertain Times

Title: Comfort in uncertain times Author: Rachel Turner Cover illustrator: Rebecca J Hall Published by: BRF Price: RRP £8.99 Kindle edition also available Good for: parents of children age 3-12 years Best bit: I love Rachel’s re-tellings of these 15 Bible stories – you can hear her voice as you read them Worst bit: Because of … Read more

Three Ways to Transition Back to School Well

Although some have already gone back to school, for many this week is a new week in a new class or new school. After the long summer holidays, you might be looking at this change with trepidation, especially if you or someone in your family find transitions hard work. I have one of these in … Read more

Transition to a new normal?

Transition is particularly hard when we’ve already been through a difficult time, don’t really know if where we’re going, and are pretty sure there will be more difficult times ahead. We had all hoped that corona would come and go and things could go back to normal, but sadly that’s not going to happen. If … Read more

Faith at Home Rhythms

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“I got rhythm, I got music, I got my man. Who could ask for anything more.” Ella Fitzgerald We all love rhythm. It is one of the first things accessible to us. Have you seen a baby moving their body in time with music? This is because before we understand words or can hold a … Read more