Easter Bible challenge

BibleThe challenge is to try reading the whole of the Easter story before Easter. You could read it from a children’s Bible such as The Big Bible Storybook or from one gospel in a family-friendly Bible version such as the Contemporary English Version. Click here for links to the whole story from Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John from the Contemporary English Bible at Biblegateway.com

(These may look like whole sections of the Bible, but remember it’s all one story, and you can read over 40 days, splitting the verses up into daily or weekly chunks.

You could print out or photocopy the text you want to read then use highlighter pens to assign different parts to different people in your family. You could have some people read what certain characters say, while others read the narrator.

For more creative ideas for re-telling Bible stories, get a set of Bible GodVenture52 cards.