Mini Egg Prayers

mini egg prayers

This is a lot like sweets prayer but with mini eggs. The concept is simple:

1 For each colour egg, decide on one category of things to thank God for.

2 Take it in turns to take a mini egg and thank God for something in that category before eating your egg.

Prayers can be aloud or silent.

You could pass packets around a group or along rows if you are doing this with a group or in an All-Age service.

People can be encouraged to search for the colour they like or to close their eyes and pick an egg and then pray.

Cadbury’s mini eggs come in four colours, giving you four categories, eg:

pink: people
purple: the world
yellow: Springtime things
white: things about Jesus

Children from about 7+ can be encouraged to create their own categories. Children under 4 might need fewer categories, so maybe have pink and white together and blue and yellow together.

(A more ‘adult’ version could be done with Lindt Lindor Mini Eggs… yum! These are also wrapped and so could be given out in advance or hidden and searched for, and not get (very) mucky (although they could get eaten!). The colours of these eggs are blue, red and gold. Their fun mini eggs are gold, blue, orange and red.)

This probably isn’t the best activity for under 3s, due to choking hazards.