Nativity Colouring Poster


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Print out your own nativity colouring poster and enjoy a spot of Christmas colouring!

Put on some Christmas music or get someone to read the Christmas story as you colour (here’s the story from The Passion Version). You could listen to an audio version of the Christmas story. Biblegateway has here’s an audio ESV, GNV, and The Message as well as many others here.

Once you’ve gone through the checkout, you’ll be able to download 3 version to colour. Each includes Bible references so you can read one part of the story as you colour that section on your poster, and some wondering questions to ponder or chat about as you colour. One version also has things to spot and one version has the picture split over 3 pages with the Bible story text alongside it so you can colour and read together.

Feel free to print out copies for others to use

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