5 great prayer ideas for under 5s


Prayer is a very natural thing to do and so one of the easiest things to offer under 5s and their parents as a faith activity to do together. The lovely thing about creative prayer ideas is that they often bypass the need for spoken language, and therefore are accessible to toddlers and very young children. Sure, we may not know what they are praying, but they’re not praying to us! God knows and understands all the thoughts of our hearts, and maybe some of these ideas will help inspire your under 5s to chat with God in their play. Here’s five favourite prayer activities:

1 Sweets prayer (always a winner!)

2 Play dough prayer
easy to follow on from a Bible story with play dough

3 Thanks jar or if you prefer, Thanks box

4 Satsuma prayers – a good one for winter

5 Washing prayer – one we do every Friday at our Shabbat meal.