One of the things I love about late  Autumn and Winter are satsumas. I eat loads of them so I thought it would be a good idea to have a way to pray while I indulge. So here’s a prayer idea using satsumas 🙂

It’s so simple:

Pray for a different person as you eat each segment.

You prayers could be:

  • short e.g.  ‘Dear God, Please help and care for [name], [name], [name] … ‘
  • specific e.g. asking God to help them with something specific
  • silent or out loud
  • just you or taking it in turns with others in your family e.g. praying for a person then eating a segment
Obviously, this could be done with any segmented fruit, so if you prefer oranges or grapefruit, use them instead. Or if you’re really not a fruit eater, squares of chocolate or chocolate buttons!


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