Bake jam tarts or cookies using an angel-shaped cutter and give them to a friend, neighbour or a delivery person.

If appropriate, offer to pray for them, including a prayer that God will bring them good news, just like the angels brought good news at the first Christmas.

You might like to read the Christmas story in the Bible (the text is in the minibook which comes with the GodVenture Advent Calendar) and look carefully at the messages the angels bring. What words in these messages might also be true for us? For example, Gabriel tells Mary not to be afraid (a message which is repeated through the Bible to many of God’s people) and that God is with her (also a continuous message in the Bible.) How could you word these messages so that friends who don’t know Jesus might be able to hear them as a blessing? Perhaps ‘God is with you’ could be ‘You are not alone’. You could ask God which blessing you could pray for the friend you are going to give your angel bakes to.

You could use these as refreshments at an Advent Party. See more here