Make your own nativity scene using lollysticks, paper, glue and pencils

Glue 4 or 5 lolly sticks together to create a house. If you use 5, you can make a pointed roof. To make this fast, you could use a glue gun (You can get cool ones for children to use too).
Next glue a piece of paper in the frame you have created. The easiest way to do this is to use your house as a template and draw it onto your paper, then cut it out. Apply your glue to the lollysticks and attach the paper, then trim the edges if necessary.
When the glue is dry, draw or paint a picture of the Holy Family, including any additional characters you feel appropriate.

For young children, you might like to create the frames for them then encourage them to focus on their creation of the nativity scene. Ask them who they will include. Will there be any children?

You could also make a giant version using sticks, creating a centre piece of Christmas art for your home.