I love paper decorations. I can recycle them after the season instead of storing them and it gives my family a chance to have fun making them each year.


What do angels look like? Do they have wings? Are they male or female? Can angels be children? Do they have swords? Discussing these questions will help you decide what shape to draw your angels.

Check out these Bible verses about angels to help you answer your questions.

What you will need:

A3 or A4 paper (A3 gives you bigger angels and is less fiddly to cut)




How to make them:

Start by folding the paper in half—long edge to long edge—so you have a long rectangle. Then fold the long rectangle in half, short edge to short edge. Fold two more times in that same direction. You should end up with a folded wodge of paper with one side all folded and the other side with ends of the sheet showing.

Draw half an angel along the folded edge, i.e., with the head and body along the fold and the wings / arms / legs / robe going out towards the other edge. Make sure your angel has at least one, and preferably 2 points touching along the outer edge as these will ensure it is attached to the next one. Cut out your angel and unfold and you should have two sets of four angels.

Make a few sets of angels and tape them all together to create your bunting.

Other ideas:

  • Listen to some of the Christmas Bible story about angels while you are making them.
  • Instead of bunting, send one in the post to a friend as a symbol of your prayers for angels to guard and support them in a difficult time.
  • Decorate or colour your angels.
  • Write some of the words that angels in the Christmas story say. “Glory to God”, “Peace to everyone!” or “Good news!”