Tell the story with Easter puppets!

A few years back, I was sharing this activity about making Easter puppets by cutting pictures out of a book when I realised the book I was recommending wasn’t easy to get hold of any more. Instead of ditching the idea, I thought: Why not create a set of puppets? So here they are! A … Read more

Create an Easter Garden

Have you seen some of the amazing Easter Garden ideas around the internet? I love these beautiful gardens, but I also love simplicity. I like it when I can create something from what I have around the house. Use your Easter garden to help visualize the story of Jesus’ burial and his resurrection. A lovely … Read more

Seven ways to use Baker Ross Nativity Mini Wooden Shapes

I’m sure, like me, you occasionally visit the Baker Ross website. I usually go looking for one thing, and am quickly overwhelmed by the sheer variety of wonderful crafty things! What I find tricky, is buying craft items which can only be used in one way, so here are seven ways you could use the … Read more

30 Ways to Celebrate JESUS at Christmas

This list is collection of some of the fun ways we have done faith at home during Advent and Christmas in our family, with our friends and people at church. I’m an ideas person, and so I share these ideas with you in the hope that one or two of them will be just right … Read more

8 ways to use the Nativity I-spy Colouring Poster

I love colouring and I love Christmas, so this Nativity I-spy Colouring Poster is a perfect combination. I’m also a big fan of using the activities we do around Christmas to celebrate Jesus in some way, so here are some ideas on how you can use this colouring poster: 1 Just colour it. Use it … Read more

Pinwheel Prayers

This is a simple activity using pinwheels to think about God’s Spirit being like the wind and to pray using them. This is a great one for under 5s, but everyone might enjoy this very tangible way to pray. What do I need to begin Pinwheel Prayers? To begin, you will need a pinwheel! Perhaps … Read more

Review: The Visitors

Title: The Visitors Author: Clare Thompson Price: £8 Published by and available from: Get Naturally Creative Good for: parents or people working with children age 1-100 Best bit: Stunning artwork created from natural loose parts Worst bit: no hardback version available More thoughts: It’s rare that I have a review for a book which isn’t specifically … Read more

Chalk home blessing for Epiphany/New Year

This is a traditional activity used to mark Epiphany, the day when we celebrate the wise men visiting Jesus. It’s really simple: all you need is some chalk, and you write the following letters and numbers over your door as a prayer asking God to bless your home. This year (2022), we’ll be writing: 20 … Read more

Crown Christmas Cards

I found these little wooden crowns in The Range where they are £1 for 12. I thought they would make nice Christmas cards, since Christmas is celebrating the birthday of the king of Kings! Here are a few ideas: Cut out squares of paper in ever decreasing sizes. Glue them onto the card, largest first, … Read more

Peppermint Cream Stars

One thing I enjoy doing are simple craft activities which link in with the Christmas story in some way, giving me an ‘in’ to chat about it both with my family, and with whoever comes into contact with the final product. Making chocolate creams is ridiculously easy, and yummy so a perfect gift for a … Read more

Developing faith at home through open-ended activities

I love open-end activities. They provide choice and freedom which lead to deep exploration and creativity. They are easy to set up, are suitable for any age or size of group, and you can use the same materials each time. They provide a safe space to explore spiritual things including Bible stories and how they … Read more