Bible Sheep pops

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sheepopsI love making cakepops so this is really just an excuse to have a cakepop activity, but it’s a goodun!

There’s loads of Bible stories featuring sheep… David the shepherd boy, Jesus the Good Shepherd, the Lost Sheep… If you’re not sure, type ‘sheep’ into Biblegateway and see what you get! Just make your sheep cake pops and use them to explore a story.

With young children, make the cakepops for them then tell the story using them and let them retell the story using their own sheep-pop.

For older children, depending on your facilities and number of children, assess what part of the cakepop creation they could take part in then do as above.

If the children/teens/adults are doing lots of cakepopping, you could chat about the story and its relevance to your lives while making the cake pops.

There’s loads of instructions available online for making cake pops. There’s also loads of kit you can buy, but really all you need is cake, icing, chocolate and lollysticks. Plus to make sheep, edible eyes are quite cool.

The basics are:
1 Make/buy cake and crumble it.
2 Make/buy butter icing and mix it with the cake crumbs to make a dough.
(I find all of the above can be done very quickly in a food mixer.)
3 Make balls from the dough and chill them. (If you’re in a hurry, as I usually am, pop them in the freezer for a few minutes.)
4 Melt chocolate, dip lolly sticks in the chocolate then plunge them into the cold balls. Chill.
5 Dip the balls into the chocolate. Add edible eyes (google it!) and other features. I used chocolate buttons for noses and rice paper cut out for ears. Chill. (If you want white sheep, use white chocolate!)

Have fun!