Bible treasure hunt

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This is a great way to have fun exploring a Bible story.

Make your treasure hunt by simply choosing the locations where you will hide a ‘piece’ of the story and write simple clues to place at each spot to guide everyone to the next location.

If your family is mainly primary school age, you could have clues such as:

Go to the tree nearest to the door.
Go to the lowest place in the building.
Go to the window in the smallest room.

With each clue, include the next part of the text of a Bible story, preferably one which they might not know. Try Nehemiah or Hezekiah. You could either print out sections of the Bible or copy wording from a Bible story book depending on the age of your participants.

For younger family members, use clues such as ‘under the big tree’, ‘at the top of the stairs’, ‘beside the door’ and use age-appropriate Bible text such as The Big Bible Storybook, and, if possible, have a picture for each part of the story.

You could try doing this together with another family with one family or one family member setting up the clues then everyone taking it in turns to find the next one. Be careful how tricky you make your clues to find – we lost one buried in a field!