Crown Christmas Cards


I found these little wooden crowns in The Range where they are £1 for 12.

I thought they would make nice Christmas cards, since Christmas is celebrating the birthday of the king of Kings!

Here are a few ideas:

  • Cut out squares of paper in ever decreasing sizes. Glue them onto the card, largest first, smallest last and then add the crown in the middle.
  • Glue the crown onto the card then draw a baby wearing it. I love the idea of a baby born to be king!
  • Glue the crown onto a square bead or peg, then use it with paint to stamp crowns onto a card

I gave this to my eight year old to do as a challenge:

One crown, one card, make it into a Christmas card!

How will you make yours?

While you’re making these, or afterwards, you could use these questions to chat about Jesus the king:

  • In what way was Jesus a king?
  • Was he a king when he was born?
  • Why wasn’t he born in a palace?
  • When did he become a king?
  • What sort of a king is he?
  • What Bible stories or verses can you think of about this?
  • How might we relate to Jesus as a king?
  • What might you do if King Jesus was visiting your town / school / church / area?