Christmas Carol Bingo!


We’re planning to go to a carol service at the weekend, and I wondered how familiar my children would be with the songs, so I contacted the person in charge and asked what carols they would be singing. They sent me the list, saying that they hoped they wouldn’t get in trouble for sharing secrets!!! … Read more

Balloon Christmas prayers

This is a really simple, fun way to pray around Christmas. You could do this at home, or as part of a party or even a service! Blow up the balloons and write or draw on each something you love about Christmas. (This works best with Sharpies, but *Warning* they do stain clothes.) Play some … Read more

Nativity Dress Up

Have fun by dressing up as the characters from the Nativity story. Visit some charity shops to look for bits and pieces that could be used in different ways. Scarves and dressing gowns for example. You could make tunics out of pillowcases and headdresses with tea towels and a ring of elastic. You could download … Read more

Paddling pool prayers

swimming splash pool garden wet please pray family fun summer

Fill your paddling pool with water. As you fill it and wait for the water to be so icy cold, challenge everyone to imagine the water as blessings or good things from God. You may like to chat about what those things might be, especially to encourage everyone to think of some non-tangible blessings such … Read more