Paddling pool prayers


Fill your paddling pool with water. As you fill it and wait for the water to be so icy cold, challenge everyone to imagine the water as blessings or good things from God. You may like to chat about what those things might be, especially to encourage everyone to think of some non-tangible blessings such as joy or rest as well as more tangible things like food and shelter.

swimming splash pool garden wet please pray family fun summer

Collect together some waterproof toys. Bath toys or duplo work well, as do rinsed-out plastic recycling! Take it in turns to choose someone they would like to bless (or ask God to give good things to) and allocate them a toy. Take it in turns as many times as you have toys or until you run out of people to bless or until the pool is full.

Then you have a number of options:

1 Calmly put each ‘person’ into the water asking God to bless them


2 Wildly throw all the ‘people’ into the water together shouting, “God bless you!”

Have fun in the pool!