Build A Story Set

Build a story set for a Bible story using a construction toy e.g. Duplo, Lego, Jenga blocks). Plan the route the characters will take through the set. We built a set for the story of Ehud using Duplo and Lego combined. We then created characters for Ehud and the king, and played out the story … Read more

Lego nativity

A few years ago my children were really into Lego, so I planned some ways to explore the Christmas story using Lego. You can buy a set online but, like these ones, they’re not cheap and only feature a small number of the characters actually mentioned in the Bible story, so here are a few … Read more

Hands on faith with under fives

“I do it! I do it BY MYSELF!” It’s a cry we often here from young children, desperate to be independent and master skills. It’s something my husband and I chose to intentionally nurture when our children were young, especially as they are only 18 months apart in age. I remember number 1 coming into … Read more

Duplo Bible

Share a Bible story using Duplo. (This can, of course, be done with any size Lego. We’re just at the Duplo stage, so that’s what we’ve used.) Firstly, you need to know which story you’re telling (can you guess which one we chose?). It’s particularly helpful to younger children for the story to be one … Read more