Duplo Bible

duplo Bible

Share a Bible story using Duplo.

(This can, of course, be done with any size Lego. We’re just at the Duplo stage, so that’s what we’ve used.)

Firstly, you need to know which story you’re telling (can you guess which one we chose?). It’s particularly helpful to younger children for the story to be one you have a children’s book version of.

Then decide on the scene you’re going to create. Often a story has a location key in it, a lake, a mountain, a house etc.

With under 5s, I create the location with the children, then tell the story with them by moving the pieces. Usually, they then want to tell the story again, either with me telling it or on their own.

This often leads to a creative ad lib version either straight away or later on when they come back to it. The creative http://shopantibioticsonline.com version is a great way for children to develop their own theology. Sounds grand? Well, it’s just their way of ‘discussing’ the issues within the story. What might the characters have felt or said? What would have happened if they did something differently? Where might you be in this story? Sometimes I also ask these Godly Play-style questions, but often they are not needed for the play to develop further.

You could try it out yourself with the pictures below. You may find some of the pictures make you ask questions you might not have done before (like Was Jesus really a female zoo keeper? and Were there tigers in the house, is that why they didn’t go in?!)

Please note that this is very different from Lego Bible, which, although cool, is rather x-rated in parts, and certainly not something I’d recommend showing children.

Duplo Bible 1
lame man through roof Jesus heals Duplo Bible
Duplo Bible 2
Duplo Bible 3
Duplo Bible 4
Duplo Bible 5
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