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Snowdrop prayers

What fragile things could you pray for? If you can find some snowdrops, take some photos and use them to inspire your prayers. Every year I love it when I see snowdrops appear. I love their fragile beauty, intricate petals and flimsy stems buffeted by Winter winds. I love their tenacity at arriving while snow still threatens. While other bulbs […]

frosty prayers

Two types of frosty prayers

When you see something looking beautiful because it’s covered in frost, praise God for it: “Woh, God, that’s just SO beautiful!” This is a really simple, seasonal prayer activity to do as a family at home: Go outside when there’s frost. A walk somewhere would be nice, but it will work even if it’s just […]


Godly Play at home?

Playing with Bible stories might sound a great way to develop heresy, but education professionals all say that children learn and develop through play, and faith is no different. While they’re playing they explore the story, what they like, what they think is important, how they relate to the story and more. The comments children […]

pipecleaner people 5

Joyful pipecleaner people!

Try re-telling this story about a man’s joyful response to being healed using these simple and lovely pipecleaner people. You might like to follow this link and click on the audio button, listen to the story and act it out using three pipecleaner people. Here’s how to make them: Take three pipecleaners and twist them […]


10 Ingredients for a successful all-age small group

Due to covid, many churches have been looking creativity at how to meet together, and I’ve been  encouraged to see many groups considering more inter-generational ways of meeting together. Recently, I heard of a small group looking at meeting with adults and children together once a month. As they discussed this, they realised they wouldn’t […]

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Happy New Year to you! If you’re looking for some sales bargains, you’ve come to the right place! Click here to get 50% off all the Faith at home mini-mags from 2021, as well as 50% off Advent Calendars and great discounts on Sticker Christmas Cards and other Christmas goodies! GodVenture resources are always created […]

the incredible power of God's word

Review: The incredible power of God’s word by Joyce Meyer

Title: The incredible power of God’s word Created by: Joyce Meyer Published by: Hodder Price: £12.99 Useful for: children age 5-10 years old Best bit: Simple, fun design with a great selection of Bible verses on useful topics Worst bit: It has lovely full colour pictures, but more would have been fab. I might also […]