Dip some juicy apples in honey to celebrate New Year!

Yep, in the Bible (as with northern hemisphere school), New Year is in Autumn. There’s actually three Bible festivals in Autumn, and Rosh Hashanah (Hebrew for Head of the Year) is the first.

In our home, we don’t do massive things for these, but I find it’s interesting to find out about them and use them as opportunities to gather and mark time with God in a special way.

(To find out more and get lots of fun ideas to explore and celebrate all three festivals, check out my GodVenture Autumn Feasts Resource Pack.)

We’re particularly fond of Rosh Hashana, with its tradition of dipping apples in honey (listen to this awesome song!) as a way of asking for God’s blessing for a ‘sweet’ year ahead.

So the activity is simple:

Cut up apples and dip them in honey, wishing each other a sweet new year.

You could each share one or two of your specific hopes for this year, and maybe speak them out loud as prayers.

The honey and apples tradition lends itself to many delicious recipes. We’ve added honey and apples to our morning porridge, and made honey and apple cakes. A good place to get recipes is from

Find out more here.