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Happy New Year to you! If you’re looking for some sales bargains, you’ve come to the right place! Click here to get 50% off all the Faith at home mini-mags from 2021, as well as 50% off Advent Calendars and great discounts on Sticker Christmas Cards and other Christmas goodies! GodVenture resources are always created […]

the incredible power of God's word

Review: The incredible power of God’s word by Joyce Meyer

Title: The incredible power of God’s word Created by: Joyce Meyer Published by: Hodder Price: £12.99 Useful for: children age 5-10 years old Best bit: Simple, fun design with a great selection of Bible verses on useful topics Worst bit: It has lovely full colour pictures, but more would have been fab. I might also […]

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Chalk home blessing for Epiphany

This is a traditional activity used to mark Epiphany, the day when we celebrate the wise men visiting Jesus. It’s really simple: all you need is some chalk, and you write the following letters and numbers over your door as a prayer asking God to bless your home. This year (2022), we’ll be writing: 20 […]

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New Year, New Start

I’ve always thought New Year is not really a thing. Nothing actually happens at the point at which we count down and wish each other Happy New Year! However, it’s good to have moments in time when we take stock, look back and plan forward. Whether you’re brand new to the idea of doing faith […]

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Review: Iola – the Joy issue

Title: Iola: The Joy issue Created and published by: Abi Louise Price: £12 Best bit: It’s hard to pin point one thing, but the quality of this bookazine* is gorgeous, it’s fab to hold, the pages are thick and beautifully designed, there’s no adverts and the images and articles are perfect for a relaxing, soul-soothing read. […]