1000 hours outside

… is good for your faith! We’re currently in our second year of doing #1000hoursoutside. Whenever I tell people we’re doing it, they either say, Oh yes, we probably do about that each year. I then ask them really? It’s just over 3 hours a day EVERY DAY, including the days it’s super cold, windy … Read more

8 ways to get your family to stop fighting and be more generous

I wish I could tell you how to stop your children fighting. There’s probably something good about children developing social skills in the home and feeling safe so not restraining their behaviour to please others. But honestly, less fighting and arguing in our home would be quite nice! However, I do have an idea. When … Read more

Family Thanks

I was chatting with my friend, Sarah, about being thankful, and she told me about this really cool thing they did last Advent in their family: They each wrote a thank you note to every other member of the family. The notes were short and simple, thanking them for something specific. The then folded the … Read more

How can we help families grow in their faith at home?

I believe faith is something which is more caught than taught. That’s why Jesus’ disciples followed for three years. They hung out with Jesus, watching, experiencing, absorbing who he was and how he lived. It’s something we know instinctively when we think about the people we spend more time with. We know that if we … Read more

Faith at home habits!

Do you set goals? How about developing a habit instead? In his book Atomic Habits, James Clear says that it’s habits which make us the people we are, and the people we want to be. Goals, he proposes, once achieved, can actually cause a reduction in the type of behaviour we want to have, whereas … Read more

Bible verses to equip us for life

We’re heading into a new season, so what better time to think about some intentions for the season ahead! One thing I aim to do with my children during the 18 or so years they live with us to help them create a collection of Bible verses in their heads and hearts, so that as … Read more

Faith at home every day

For me, for faith at home to work, it has to be part of my every day life. We have special things we do at certain points in each week and each year, but the reality of our faith really starts to change our lives when it’s part of what we do each day. I’m … Read more

Developing faith at home through open-ended activities

I love open-end activities. They provide choice and freedom which lead to deep exploration and creativity. They are easy to set up, are suitable for any age or size of group, and you can use the same materials each time. They provide a safe space to explore spiritual things including Bible stories and how they … Read more

Your Question: Lent & Easter for Non-Christian Families

This week I was asked by a friend on Facebook: “I’d like to start introducing the children to Christianity but no idea where to begin. I thought pancake day/lent/ easter would be a good place to start. Do you have any recommendations for a family of non-Christians?? I have a good understanding of the Bible/the … Read more

GUEST POST: Diagnoses: why-not-ness!

I thought it might be fun to hear from some other people, so this is the first in a series of guest posts is written by Ed Jones. I love working with Ed as his ability to dream big and be undaunted by practicalities is similar to a five year old. Read on and you’ll … Read more

10 Things Which Help Me Connect with God

I don’t know about you, but I’ve found I’ve had to re-learn how I connect with God since becoming a parent. I know God’s the same, but my life with young children is very different. I’ve found God is very gracious, and meets me wherever I am, but I have found some things have really helped … Read more