Bible verses to equip us for life


We’re heading into a new season, so what better time to think about some intentions for the season ahead!

One thing I aim to do with my children during the 18 or so years they live with us to help them create a collection of Bible verses in their heads and hearts, so that as they go about their lives, both now and in the future, the Spirit of God can speak to them through those verses.

This is especially helpful when we’re going through a difficult season. For me, I often choose a particular verse which is speaking to me and learn it so that I can meditate on it and allow God’s presence to be with me in the midst of whatever difficulty I’m facing.

A couple of years ago, we had to move to an area where we knew no one with no idea how long it would be for and it was a tough time leaving all our friends! However, the verse which came to me, and I believe God planted in my path, was:

“When hard pressed, I cried to the Lord;
he brought me into a spacious place.” Psalm 118:5

Amazingly, the place we went to a really flat county, where you could see across massive fields while driving. It really felt like a wide open space! This sense of a physical open space made me also look for the positive things God was placing in our path during a difficult time – I discovered a wonderful windmill which we became members of and enjoyed visiting many times and buying all our flour from; we found a farm shop with the most delicious free range chicken I’ve ever tasted; we made new friends and went to a wonderful weekly forest school in a beautiful wood; we found a parkour club which the children loved and I enjoyed chatting with the other Mums; we found a really fun Christmas fair which took over the local town where we were living; we discovered new castles and stately homes to visit. There was so many things once I started to look for them.

I also came across a song Wide Open Space which we played at top volume in the car during much of our time away, and I found the words connected with Psalm 118:5 to remind me in a deep way that God was with us and had things in control even if I couldn’t see what his plan was.

I’m sure you’ve had an experience like this, and I hope to be able to pass on this dynamic relationship with the Bible to my children.

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