Tell the story with Easter puppets!

A few years back, I was sharing this activity about making Easter puppets by cutting pictures out of a book when I realised the book I was recommending wasn’t easy to get hold of any more. Instead of ditching the idea, I thought: Why not create a set of puppets? So here they are! A … Read more

Godly Play at home?

Playing with Bible stories might sound a great way to develop heresy, but education professionals all say that children learn and develop through play, and faith is no different. While they’re playing they explore the story, what they like, what they think is important, how they relate to the story and more. The comments children … Read more

Lego nativity

A few years ago my children were really into Lego, so I planned some ways to explore the Christmas story using Lego. You can buy a set online but, like these ones, they’re not cheap and only feature a small number of the characters actually mentioned in the Bible story, so here are a few … Read more

Paddling pool prayers

swimming splash pool garden wet please pray family fun summer

Fill your paddling pool with water. As you fill it and wait for the water to be so icy cold, challenge everyone to imagine the water as blessings or good things from God. You may like to chat about what those things might be, especially to encourage everyone to think of some non-tangible blessings such … Read more