Chocolate Star Prayers

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Read the story from Matthew 2 or listen to it being read by David Suchet.

Invite everyone to chat or think about the impact the star had on the wise men, what impact did it have in their lives?

The sorts of things they might say include that:

  • it guided them
  • when they saw it, they were filled with joy
  • it lead them to a place where they could be with Jesus.

We all know someone who could do with some guidance (help making good choices for the future), some more joy or helping to find a place they can connect with Jesus.

Invite everyone to choose someone they would like to pray one of these things for.

Pass around a bag of chocolate stars, inviting everyone to take one, hold it, say their prayer for their person then eat the star.

To spread less germs, you could buy small packets of chocolate stars and give one packet to each family, or buy a large pack of stars and wrap each individually in advance.