This is the Get More page with all the links for the Christmas edition of Faith at home.


Link 1

Click through the links to a series of short videos of the Christmas story being read by Victoria from GodVenture.

There are 10 videos to match the 10 sections of the story in The Whole Christmas Story mini-book (which comes in the Christmas edition of Faith at home so you can read along!

Alternatively, you might like to colour your poster as you listen. (You can print your own extra copies of the poster for £1 here.)

  1. Zechariah and the angel:
  2. Mary and the angel:

More coming soon!

Link 2

Download your FREE copy of Explore Christmas in the Bible – an intergenerational resource to read and listen to the Bible and explore using open-ended questions and challenges.

Link 3

More ideas for a Lego nativity

Link 4

Download your FREE copy of 25 ways to to be thankful. Feel free to share it with friends!

Link 5

Here’s a short crust pastry jam tart recipe for Star jam tarts

Link 6

Here’s a recipe for yummy Star peppermint creams!

Link 7

Here’s an article giving some good reasons why we might be wrong about Jesus being born in a stable.

If you’ve enjoyed your Christmas edition of Faith at home, and would like to get more activity ideas and fun resources more from GodVenture, you can sign up here.

Plus more!!!

If you don’t have any air dry clay, you could make white ornament clay using this recipe. It can be a bit crumbly but it a good value alternative to clay, and you don’t have to paint it!

COMING SOON: Easter Countdown Calendar before 6th Jan 2021 and get it HALF PRICE!