Christmas edition of the Faith at Home mini-mag


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All about Christmas edition of the Faith at Home mini-mag

This Christmas edition of the Faith at Home is mega-full of fun, family faith at home activities exploring the Christmas story.
It’s the perfect gift for children and families to receive in the weeks running up to Christmas.

The mini-mag has 8 pages of simple, fun activities and comes with loads of colourful inserts including:

  • A3 nativity colouring poster with a huge spot the difference nativity on the back (there are 40 differences which tell the story!)
  • a mini-storybook: The whole Christmas story from the Bible (32 pages), which has, you guessed it, the WHOLE Christmas story split into ten mini-stories, or 40 small sections, whichever works best for you.
  • A 25 Ways to be Thankful bookmark, with 25 thanks-prompts, one for each day in Advent

The activities include fun, creative and accessible ways to explore the Christmas story and pray together, including

  • blob candle prayers
  • praying for your neighbourhood with Christmas lights
  • a Christmas story challenge
  • four ways to use a star cutter
  • Christmas blessing rocks

There’s so much in there, you have LOADS to choose from! The wide variety of activities means that you can find ones which work for your family.

As always, there’s an activity to help you chat and create something open-ended in response to the Bible story, and Something to Ponder with open-ended questions which makes it something for all the family, including the adults! PLUS you can download a FREE family / intergenerational devotional.

There’s a link to a page on the GodVenture website which has loads of links to help you with the activities, including recipe links and downloadable versions of various elements in the Faith at home mini-mag in case you want extras, including:

If you would like to order this mag and have it sent to a friend, family member, grandchild, godchild or anyone else, remember to put THEIR address in the shipping information 🙂 


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