DIY Advent Candle

DIY Advent Candle 1

I love Advent Candles and you can get these from amazon. We light ours each dinner time in Advent, sometimes spending a few minutes chatting or praying or being thankful (here are 25 ideas on things to be thankful for!). Here are some other ideas of prayers you could use each time you light your candle.

However, I’m aware for some people this will be just an additional cost around an expensive time of year, so I thought I’d experiment with some other options.

For this candle I used a jubla candle from IKEA and some number transfers. I had to adlib a little as there weren’t quite enough number 1s in this pack. However, the numbers were perfectly sized (9.5mm) to fit 24 numbers on the 35cm candle, so just bear your sizes in mind when you choose your transfers and candle.

I simply cut the transfers into rows so as not to rub off extra bits by accident, then got going with a pencil rubbing on the back of each number I needed, starting with 1 at the top of my candle (to be burnt on December 1st) and working down to 24. You might like to go up to 25 and light it on Christmas Day too.

With this candle, we should have 10 hours of burning time, which gives us 25 minutes each day, plenty of time to notice that today’s number has burnt down and blow it out. Hopefully. If your candle is shorter, you will need smaller transfers and they may be a bit more fiddley to attach. Mine took me about 30 mins to make.

Of course, you could also decorate your candle with other transfers or use bits of the numbers left over to make patterns.