A really simple way to pray without using words is to build a Duplo house and give it a title such as: The House of Peace. Invite people to choose a Duplo person to represent someone they know who needs more peace / they’d like God bless with peace and put them inside the house.

This works just as well with Lego or even a dolls house. It can be fun to give people a choice of two places to prayerfully put people, such as The Train of Joy and the House of Peace.

You can do this with children as young as a few months old – as long as they can point, they can choose a toy person and where to put them.

It’s a great way to pray with people of all ages as everyone can pick a person and place them.

It is a fab way to pray without using words, using things people might have at home, so they can repeat it if they’d like to.