Pentecost = Church Birthday?

Some people celebrate Pentecost as the birth day of the church. You could do this by having a birthday cake and singing happy birthday to the church! You can make or buy a cake, or use muffins or whatever works best for you. You might have fun trying to work out how old The Church … Read more

Pentecost fire!

When the Spirit came to God’s people at Pentecost, they saw what looked like flames of fire land on each of them. Choose a way to watch flames safely. You could: • light some tealights • light birthday candles • have a BBQ • light a fire in a fire pit • watch a video … Read more

Pinwheel Prayers

At Pentecost, when the Spirit came God’s people heard a sound like a rushing wind. Acts 2:1-2 Jesus also said: “The wind blows wherever it pleases. You hear its sound, but you cannot tell where it comes from or where it is going. So it is with everyone born of the Spirit.” John 3:8 Let’s use the wind … Read more

10 fun Bible and prayer activities to do outside

I’ve talked a lot recently about how being outside is a great way to worship and connect with God see HERE and HERE. Since it’s now Summer, the bees are busy and we have fewer and fewer excuses not to spend time outside. So I thought I’d share some ideas for focused faith activities which … Read more

Review: 31 Bedtime Prayers and Poems

Title: 31 Bedtime Prayers and Poems Author: Steve Legg and Jude Simpson Illustrator: Andy Gray Published by: SCM Price: Hardback £9.99 Softback £7.98 Good for: Families with children age 2-10 years old, as a gift for a dedication, baptism or Baptism Birthday Best bit: I loved the natural feeling, funny, rhyming bedtime poem-prayers I could easily imagine becoming family favourites Worst bit: The … Read more

Review: Abigail story book

Title: Abigail: a story book in the Mighty Girl, Mighty God series Author: Lucy Rycroft Illustrator: Andy Gray Published by: The Hope Filled Family Price: RRP £8.99 Good for: Families with children age 3-10 years old, childrens’ group where Bible stories are shared Best bit: I loved the combination of rollicking rhyme and detailed, expressive illustrations Worst bit: Rhyme is hard, and sometimes … Read more

Review: Wingfeather Tales

Title: Wingfeather Tales – seven thrilling stories from the world of Aerwiar Editor: Andrew Peterson Authors: Andrew Peterson, Jennifer Trafton, N. D. Wilson, A. S. Peterson, Jonathan Rogers, and Douglas McKelvey Illustrations: Justin Gerard, Hein Zaayman, Cory Godbey, John Hendrix, Nicholas Kole, Aedan Peterson, Joe Sutphin, Jay Myers, and Doug TenNapel Published by: Hodder Faith Price: £12.99 Good for: Anyone who’s enjoyed The … Read more

Review: Mother God

Title: Mother God Author: Teresa Kim Pecinovsky Illustrator: Khoa Le Published by: Beaming Books Price: Available from Blackwells from £8.26 (March 2023) Good for: The pages are majority illustrations with small sections of text, so great for children aged 3 to 7, but I will be reading this with my children who are 9 and … Read more

Review: Breathe – child’s Guide to Ascension, Pentecost and the growing time

Title: Breathe – child’s guide to Ascension, Pentecost and the growing time Author: Laura Alary Illustrator: Cathrin Peterslund Published by: Paraclete Price: £14.82 Good for: Families with children aged 4–11 years wanting to explain and connect with the stories of Ascension (Jesus returning to heaven) and Pentecost (the Holy Spirit comes to Jesus’ friends) in a simple … Read more

Seven Simple Ways to Celebrate Easter

Over the years, we’ve celebrated Easter in many creative ways. (See my mega list of ideas here!) However, some years it’s necessary or even good to pair everything back and just do something simple and meaningful, and perhaps also fun. Here’s seven simple Easter ideas: I hope that inspires you to do something simple this … Read more

Easter Story Treasure Hunt

Here’s a really simple, fun and meaningful Easter activity – an Easter story treasure hunt. It’s created to work with your family at home or as part of a group or service – anywhere you want to have fun while exploring the Easter story together. You can source your own pictures, but to make it … Read more

Listen to the Easter story

I’m a huge fan of listening to stories – I listen to books myself and my children listen both individually and together when we’re in the car. I don’t feel it’s better or worse than traditional reading, and it definitely means we get more read. Let’s apply this to the Easter story: If you read … Read more