If you have looked at reading the Easter story together as a family, you may have noticed that it’s a LOT longer than the Christmas story!

One easy way to take in the whole Easter story in one or only a few episodes is to listen to it!

There are loads of great audio Bibles out there, as well as millions of audio files on Biblegateway where you can also choose from several Bible translations!

With my family, I find having something to do with our hands (or mouths!) helps us sit in one place to listen. Sometimes we listen to audiobooks in the car, but at home, I will start with drinks and a snack (that usually gets people gathered). Then I will have a hands-on creative activity like Lego or drawing/painting for us to do as we listen. You’ll know what will work best with your family 🙂

You could pick one gospel to listen to, or work your way through them – it’s interesting to see what each author includes.

I’ve listed the links below with the Easter story* from each gospel read from the NIVUK by David Sucket (my fave!):

Matthew 21:1- 28:20 (approx. 56 minutes)

Mark 11:1 – 16:20 (approx. 35 minutes)

Luke 19:28 – 24:35 (approx. 41 minutes)

John 12:12 – 21:25 (approximately 53 minutes)

*You could argue that the Easter story starts in Genesis 3, but I’ve gone for when Jesus rides into Jerusalem on a donkey.

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