Saint Valentine’s Day


Each year, we explore the story of Saint Valentine a little bit, and then we make cards and sometimes edible gifts to let our friends know they are loved.

The story of Saint Valentine is a bit gory and sometimes a little x-rated, so if you plan on sharing a short youtube video, be sure to review it first!

Personally, I like sharing the Godly Play version which comes in book 7, and uses small artifacts to represent different aspects of his life. His death is not omitted, but the details are not included.

When my children are older, I hope to explore with them a little of the history of how Valentine’s day has evolved over the centuries! I heard the other day that the romantic love aspect didn’t really appear until the middle ages.

On to sharing the love with others:

This year, we’re using potato prints to make simple cards. I figure if we make the cards too complicated to make, we might not get round to writing in and sending them!

Simply cut a heart shape into half a potato then use it to stamp paint onto a blank greeting card.

Here are a load of lovely card ideas from Red Ted Art. You’re sure to find something to inspire you!