Exploring the Bible Together Experiment Week #3


This week was week 3 of our experiment.

Our group: 2 adults, 5 children age 8-12 years old

This week I managed to get the tech set up on time, and slightly re-arranged our lounge to give us enough seats to comfortably sit and all be able to see and be seen. This really helped us in our dynamic.

My eight year created her own treasure hunt (a scavenger hunt as we’re doing it online), taking pictures of each item to create the sheets of things to find, which I emailed to the other family the night before so that they could print them off. Each item related in a vague way (like a good Sunday school talk!) to something in Psalm 13.

Print of the sheet of Jessicas Psalm 113 treasure hunt and see if you can guess what the links were!

This took about 30 minutes, which might seem like a lot of an hour session, but it was really fun and was a great way to recap our thoughts on the previous psalm. It deflect from the psalm exploration at all. (Three of the participants used real guinea pigs as part of their collection!!!) And the other family are keen to put together a scavenger hunt for next week!

My 8 year old then went on to lead the session, with a bit of help from me. I just had to remind her to ask questions 😉

She asked for a volunteer to read the psalm then we all shared which verse we liked best. Again, this was interesting, and we had a chat about a couple of parts of the psalm, for example, how it repeats that God helps us like a shield in verses 9 – 11.

We then had some time responding creatively. Some of the items made (mostly by my dynamic 8 year old) seemed unrelated to the psalm, which is fine. She’s always listening and responding even if it’s not in the way I might expect. I did some sewing using felt, making a pocket with our family shield on it, which has three deer on it, which for me represented the triple repetition of God being like a shield. There were also drawn and written things, each of which reflected the verses which stood out to each of us.

We spent about an hour and a half in total, which went by quickly, and we ended by agreeing what we’d do next week: another scavenger / treasure hunt, someone else leading it and that we would both work on a song for some of the verses in this weeks’ psalm 🙂

Find out how we get on next week

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