Flora’s candles in a flower pot!


If like me you love candles, but struggle to find a safe-ish way to use them during Advent and other seasons, you will like this genius idea from my friend, Flora.

She just fills a lovely ceramic flower pot with sand then pushes the candles into it! Da-dah! Candles are ready!

I realise for some of you, the idea of having something ceramic or full of sand PLUS lit candles in your home (where you children live!) is just not going to work, but for me, this ticks a lot of boxes. At least the pot won’t easily be pushed over as it’s full of sand, and it removes the possibility of the candles falling (although any determined toddler could wreak it!).

Once you’ve found the way which works for you to have candles lit, here’s some ideas on how you could use them in your faith at home.