Celebrate Godparents


Do you have Godparents? Are you a Godparent? Here’s some ideas of things you could do to celebrate!

1 Get in touch
Not spoken for months or years? Get in touch this week by phone or email or facetime or text or letter. When my God daughters were little, I sometimes made them letters using pictures so they could read them. Sounds complicated? Just cut and paste Google images.

2 Send a card or gift
Whether you’re a Godchild or Godparent, why not pop something in the post to say hello. It could be a Christian book (see here for some ideas or buy something Godventurey). Younger children might like a Christian toy or make it personal with a photo of you and a magnet to attach it to the fridge. Older children might like a gift voucher or maybe something sent via Amazon Prime. Those doing exams might like something to help them relax (lavender spray?) or remind them God is with them (a holding cross?). If you’re feeling creative, you could make them something (see here for how to make the air dry clay bowl above).

3 Pray for them
Thank God for them and pray for Him to bless them with good things – you can make your own list of good things! If you’re getting in touch, you could ask if there’s something particular you can pray for. Don’t forget to ask them about it next time you’re in touch.