Windows on Faith

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Bible art together

In her book, Parenting Children for a Life of Faith, Rachel Turner talks about creating windows on our faith practises so our children can see what faith looks like for us. We all have our own ways that we like to spend time with God. Mine is often with art materials. Some mornings before the girls are up, I read the Bible and then write words, pictures and patterns to meditate on it.

I recall one time when my girls were about 3 &4 years old (several years ago now).

I set out 3 boards, 3 pots of crayons and pencils and some nice cards plus 3 Bibles. I read Ephesians 1:16-18  from the Contemporary English Version. I read each sentence slowly twice.

As I read it, my daughters creatively responded to different parts of the verses. When I’d finished reading, I wrote the words which jumped out at me in crayon then added the rest of the text in pen before decorating the crayon words with more crayon.

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It only lasted about 20 mins but enabled me to meditate on Scripture in a way I love to, as well as give them a chance to see and join in.

In which part of your personal life of faith could you make a window?