Learning a Psalm with Collage and Playlists


I love being able to recite verses from the Bible. It means it’s easy for them to be brought to mind when I need them, and easier to meditate and chew over them. As a child, we did a lot of this and I want this to be something I pass on to my children.

This week we started learning Psalm 121. Firstly I read it out loud, half a line at a time, with my children saying it back to me. We just did verses 1 and 2, and I plan to just do two verses a week. Then I put it on a YouTube playlist with a video of someone reading it and then a video of someone singing it. I got out some origami paper (which I got at The Works really cheaply) and we created some pictures using scissors and glue. I then wrote the first two verses on two of the pictures. I’m hoping we’ll add some more pictures next week.

I’ve chosen to use pictures, audio and songs as these are things I see my children using to learn lots of things. They may not be the things your children use. Yours may prefer making a model of it or a mini set to tell the Psalm in Lego.

If you, like me, have wondered what version to learn Bible verses in, I’ve chosen the NIV. Usually, for reading or listening, I would choose the CEV or NIrV for my children who are 6 and 8 years old. But since I’m aiming for these to be verses they remember for life, I’ve opted for a commonly used NIV.

If you’d like to join us, here are the playlists I’ve created, a different one for each week, but each with a spoken version and a song version of the Psalm. There’s even a short sermon about it!

Week 1

Week 2

Week 3 (track 3 is a really loooong guided meditation!)

Week 4  (including 3 songs and a short sermon!)